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It Was Just You And Me (Chapter Three)
(2 Hours Later)...
Anna nervously braided the strand of white hair that clashed with her bright ginger portion, thousands of dark thoughts racing in her clouded mind, making her want to take the reins of Sven and ride back into the forest.
'No. You can't stop now, Your almost there!' The voice seemed to brighten the possibilities her mind kept making.
"Anna." Kristoff studied her now pale features, worry clear in his bright eyes.
The red head jumped at the iceman's now noticed existence, completely forgotten by her troubled mind.
As she opened her mouth to reply, a sudden rabble of voices followed by cheering could be heard from far off, and it filled the pit in her stomach with excitement and hope.
"Kristoff! Oh my, We're here!" She gleefully yelled against of the busy hum of people and horses pulling wagons.
Ships, big and small, crowded the harbor and crates were hauled out of view.
As for Kristoff and his exhausted reindeer Sven, were anything but happy to see this kind of action..
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It Was Just You And Me (Chapter Two)
(Coronation Day)
"Anna... Oh for the love of- Anna wake up!"
The blonde haired man groaned in frustration at the sleeping girl, knowing that she gets up on her own terms. He felt a smile forming on his lips at her stubbornness.
This little trouble maker and the iceman have known each other for almost two years now, and since then have become very close friends.
She was looking for work in a kingdom called Corona, and he just sold a sled-full of ice when he noticed a girl there inspecting the old wagon..
"Er, Ah, Excuse me miss! Please don't touch the sled, its right next to the hill an-" The girl snapped her attention back to him in surprise, and unfortunately bumping into the now empty and surprisingly light ice wagon...
The ginger's blue eyes grew wide was panic, as she tried yanking at the rope to keep it from falling off into the water. The man ran helplessly, but as fast as he could through the gathering crowd.
"Ah!" She hissed in pain when her hand could fee
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It Was Just You And Me (Chapter One)
Knock Knock Knock
Knock kno-
Anna's hand stopped mid knock, tears streamed elegantly down her freckled cheeks, still flushed from the overwhelming sense of dread that came off this door, and her sister inside. The ginger-haired girl sniffed down her sadness, and knocked politely once more.
No answer.
She scoffed loudly and dropped her hands to her side. "Well, it's not like I expected an answer... well anyways," She paused and bit her lip nervously.
"Elsa, I'm sixteen now and I... I don't know was else to do." The younger sibling's voice suddenly cracked with feeling, making the tears threatening to spill faster.
"I don't want to be alone, when I don't have to be, Elsa." She paused, maybe for dramatic affect; Or just the fact that she could have sworn she heard rustling on the other side of the door, so with a deep breath, she continued, "So, I'm leaving Arendelle. And I'm... Not coming back"
Anna hoped with all the hope left in her heart that maybe her sister would come out, m
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The incest never bothered meh anywaaaaay~


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I write Elsanna fanfiction, so if that's not your cup of iced tea *Forced Laugh* Then please move along.

I am your average fangirl, fangirling about every yaoi, yuri, and pretty much any implied romantic moment in every anime, movie.... and sadly life O_O (Imagine going on a date and theres that one chick in the background watching you with that really creepy expression and a perverted grin.

Thats me OuO (I'm watchin you :3)

My account name is When-Fanfics-Give-You-Lemons (I know, I'm so clever with my usernames it should be illegal <3), so yeah! thanks a bunch and Thanks for Reading!!



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